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2011/9/12〜9/16 上三川の自動車修理工場「カーメイクヒロ」で中学生達が職場研修を行いました。
辛かったですか?  疲れましたか?  楽しかったですか?
 Hi! chugakusei no minasan!   do you remember me?
We made the dust pans together. Ireally enjoyed helping you make it. Now, you are learning many things. I am also learning many things. I think the best way to learn is a combination of Practical experience, Science, and exchange.
Science tells us measurable answers to our questions.
Experience shows us if these answer will work to solve Problems.
Exchange allows us to get new ideas that we may have never thought of.  For example it is from international exchange that your desk and your pen came to Japan.
A balance of Science, Practical Experience, and exchange are the three Keys to learning!
 Boys be ambitious !!
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